His Words My Muse: A Poet’s Struggle.


This week’s post is inspired by the frustration of writer’s (or creative’s) block. The struggle to materialize what internally haunts you.

“Don’t let the universe regret you”

By Ivan

Read the full poem here

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His Words My Muse: HIM


HIM is the sequel to last weeks poem, HER. It’s the confession of love gone wrong. She loves another and it’s enraging it’s frustrating. Your helpless and that is the most painful part.

You’re THE girl. The girl I wish was
my girl
The girl I wish I could make my world
But I can’t. All I can do is wish you well
I hope he treats you right, and makes you happy
I wish I was him. Lucky him

– Ivan

Read the full poem here

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His words my Muse: HER


HER, inspired me to paint the frustration of unrequited love. The haunted nights that come with me. And the feelings that always get stuck in your throat when your around HER.

“What’s in one’s heart can never truly be defined Never be fully described, but all I can do is try And I feel like I should precede this with a disclaimer ‘Cause what follows next are corny lines and witty rhymes” for the full poem click here

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His words my Muse: Why I love you


The romantic honesty in this poem is what inspired me most. I love Ivan’s description of her being beautiful in ways she probably hasn’t realised.

“They say God is perfection and we’ll that’s true. So it makes sense when I see the God in you” -Ivan. See the full poem here

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His words my muse.

The idea for this collection was to collaborate two different talents and create something beautiful. The art in this collection are inspired by Ivan’s words.
And some of his words are inspired by my art.
And some rare magical times my art and his poems find each other.

Find the gifted poet on Instagram @ivan_on_ig, twitter @IvanIrakoze and check out his blog http://www.museedivam.wordpress.com

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