His Words My Muse: Day of the Dead Girl


This piece is from a few years ago. A friend gave me reading material on the Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos). And amidst fascination and pain my creative process began. Painting this piece helped me heal a broken heart and the captivating poem Ivan wrote reminds me that heartache has many faces.

“It’s 6 in the morning and her alarm goes off
Time to get up little girl, say hello to the world
A cold day in September, one she would come to remember
One she had thus far looked forward to
Counting down the days to her birthday
One more and she’d finally begin her teen days

This one started off like any other
For this girl who only lived with her mother
Never knew her father, and neither did her mother
But she’d met many of mom’s friends hoping he’d be one or the other
And today like any other Wednesday she’d meet another
Sat in the kitchen with tea and a biscuit…
~ Ivan

Read the rest of the poem here


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