His Words My Muse: 4 in 1.

The day of the dead girl was the last post of the series that I discussed, to make up for the last couple of weeks I thought I would do a 4 in 1 post .

The poems from the past weeks have a strong romantic theme (with the exception of this week’s post). But the stories Ivan tells are not typical romances, loving and being loved is not always the cut and dry romcom plot line; boy meets girl, they fall in love, conflict & resolution and finally happily ever after. But the people we choose to love (and choose to love us)

tend to be different things to us. They can be our freedom from the cruel reality or from our pain or they can be the ghosts that haunt us. But even when we are haunted by our lovers, cursed by them or miss them; there is always beauty where there is love. And it’s that ignored beauty in our romantic entanglements that inspired the pieces accompanying Forget You and Freedom.




Forget You

The pen and pad post was a magical situation where pieces Ivan and I  created before the series began found each other; a little miracle (at least I like to think so).

Poem: Pen and Pad

Artwork: Love Story


Pen and Pad/Love Story

No Longer Invincible, is a very personal piece, where Ivan tells us how it is living with MS, the piece I painted was an attempt to do this effusive poem justice.


No Longer Invincible

I’m no longer invincible and it hurts
It eats me up inside wondering could it be worse
At times I feel it couldn’t. How could it?
When your dreams get stripped from you
Ripped from you and you’re forced into a nightmare

I know life isn’t fair but this really is too much to bare
I hate days like these when I confine myself to solitude
Long enough to dwell on this disease
Leaving me in a depressed mood

Life isn’t fair, life doesn’t fight fair
And most people won’t care but I’m tired of living in fear
Not knowing when life will hit me so hard
That I won’t even be able to stand back up

I’ve gone from not giving a care, living life my own way
To being consumed by weakness and pain
Thinking about giving up at least once a day
Sometimes I even get mad at the world for no reason
This curse I live with has me cursing at those I live with

Like, “Screw you! Screw you for telling me things will be okay
What do you know about dealing with this every single day?
Screw you for telling me I look healthy
When I’m going through something you can’t see
Screw you for telling me I just need to be strong
Some days I get tired of being strong
I don’t even wanna see you, I just wanna be left alone!

“What do you know about going to bed every night
Hoping things aren’t worse in the morning?
What do you know about life whispering into your ear saying,
‘Someday soon, everything will change
And there’s not much you could do about it’?

~ Ivan

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You can find the full poems on Muse d’Ivan; you can also find him on Instagram as @ivan_on_ig and Twitter : @IvanIrakoze

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