No Longer Invincible

musée d'ivan

No Longer Invincible

I’m no longer invincible and it hurts
It eats me up inside wondering could it be worse
At times I feel it couldn’t. How could it?
When your dreams get stripped from you
Ripped from you and you’re forced into a nightmare

I know life isn’t fair but this really is too much to bare
I hate days like these when I confine myself to solitude
Long enough to dwell on this disease
Leaving me in a depressed mood

Life isn’t fair, life doesn’t fight fair
And most people won’t care but I’m tired of living in fear
Not knowing when life will hit me so hard
That I won’t even be able to stand back up

I’ve gone from not giving a care, living life my own way
To being consumed by weakness and pain
Thinking about giving up at least once a day
Sometimes I even get mad…

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