The King

Ivan has done it again! Read the poem he wrote to accompany an art piece I did of the legendary Micheal Jackson. I am awed by the ingenious writing style he’s used.

musée d'ivan

The King

HIStory speaks of a king
Whose kingdom spread across continents
A king whom thousands would imitate
But for a thousand years would never duplicate

It speaks of a man of many faces
Whose movements were flawless
And whose voice left many speechless
Legend has it he could even perform magic

Millions attest to his ability to walk on the moon
While staying grounded
Recorded footage shows him giving audiences chills
A true showman who could thrill, a Thriller if you will

Many still Remember The Time they shared with him
They speak of him as a lover
They say out of all the beauty in the world
He found love in the eyes of a Liberian Girl

History speaks of a man of peace
Filled with such compassion, he tried to Heal The World
Black Or White, skin color didn’t matter
The world would be better if everyone came together

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