Wish List 2

I want so much…

1. Michael Soi Tote Bag

Yes they are trendy, cool and are probably on a recommendation list on a tripadvisor forum. But I really like these bags because, every one of his pieces tells a story, and I think it would be pretty special to be able to own and carry around one of his stories. And as an artist I commend his personalised skill.

Check out more of Michael Soi’s work here

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What is fashion

A quick look at the technical side of fashion.

When I hear fashion discussed in Kenyan pop culture fashion is often referred to as something superficial. The inconsequential thing ‘stylish’ people do with clothes, runway shows and make up. In addition fashion is exclusive and not for everyone. Which is incorrect; provided you wear clothes (even ugly ones) you are part of the fashion industry.

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Now, of course fashion means different things to different people. And everyone takes on a different role. There are people who drive the fashion engine and for the purpose of this article we will refer to them as fashion experts. These experts go beyond the pretty models, PR people and style bloggers that visit your timelines. The contributors to fashion are numerous, but can be categorized by what they contribute to the industry as a whole.

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