Wish List 2

I want so much…

1. Michael Soi Tote Bag

Yes they are trendy, cool and are probably on a recommendation list on a tripadvisor forum. But I really like these bags because, every one of his pieces tells a story, and I think it would be pretty special to be able to own and carry around one of his stories. And as an artist I commend his personalised skill.

Check out more of Michael Soi’s work here

2. Comic book apparel by Akilitatu

Akilitatu is what I would describe as an almost deconstruction designer. He takes a part clothing and reinvents it. Akilitatu takes aspects like recycling and recreation that are defining characteristics of deconstruction but the end result is a finished and not the incomplete, destroyed look associated with deconstruction.

Find more Akilitatu designs on Instagram (@akilitatu) and Facebook. Or place an order directly by calling 0726 742 631.

3. Illustrations and t-shirts by Joanna Thangiah

Joanna Thangiah fights patriarchy and brings much needed attention to mental illness one illustration at a time. Her illustrations are sold online and some have been made into shirts.

Joanna Thangiah online store

Joanna Thangiah’s creative casual wear are a reminder that awareness is always in style.

4. Sunglasses by Bohten 

Bohten is a eco-luxury eyewear line founded by Nana Boateng Osei. I am a big fan of eyewear and the idea of having a pair of sunglasses made from reclaimed wood is fascinating.


Barklae Zebrawood 2015

Bohten online store

Remember to like the Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram @mitteiy and Twitter @ms_mittiey.

Thanks for reading, check out Wish List 1

Stay Fashionable xoxo.


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