Guy’s Style Tips: 17 items every modern gentleman’s closet should have

Easy style tips for the fellas


A dark Suit (that actually fits)
Every man worth his salt MUST have a suit in his closet. For a first suit it is recommended that you go for a dark  suit (black or navy blue) that can easily be used for both formal and informal occasions. Expensive suits are all well and good, but believe me when I tell you that a good fit is THE most important factor to consider when looking for a good suit.
An inexpensive suit will still look good if it’s fitted properly.


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Model Watch: Adonis Bosso

Like clothes, models too have their season

Last year Vogue described him as a model who is “outspoken with regards to the industry’s need for inclusiveness and his position as a representative for Africans in fashion” and added that “Bosso is carving out his own, exciting niche.”


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