Apparel Stories.

Where stuff came from

Ever wonder what lead to jeans being a part of every day wear? Or why the fashion industry is obsessed with the ‘it’ bag of the season? Well today we find out. Here are some of the stories behind your favorite garments and accessories

Jeans a practical choice.

fsxm apparel stories


The brain child of Jacob W. Davis who used a unique technique to make his pants long lasting.  Wanting to capitalize on his invention, Davis then partnered with Levis Strauss and by May 20, 1873, they were granted a patent or Davis’ technique and the blue jean was born.

fsxm apparel stories

The very first ‘it’ bag.

As women’s clothes got more fitted the harder it became to tailor in hefty pockets and the handbag became a practical option. By the 19th century, practicality and beauty combined to form a variety of designs for the handbag (as opposed to a standard silk pouch).

In the 1940s Gucci introduced the coveted Bamboo bag. At the time industries in Europe were suffering a scarcity of materials was a result of World War II, fashion was not exempt from this forced economic diet. In an effort to survive Gucci decided to import Japanese bamboo which was still allowed in the European market.

fsxm apparel stories

Bamboo bag handles.

Soon enough the Bamboo bag was popular with the public and celebrities alike but the ‘it’ bag did not become a fashion norm until later with the Hermès Kelly bag.

Hermès and Grace Kelly first met thanks to costume designer Edith Head who chose a Hermès bag for a character Kelly was playing for the movie To Catch A Thief. And it was love at first sight, by 1956 on Grace Kelly was photographed clutching a Hermès bag to hid her baby bump.

fsxm apparel stories

The obsession over the photo and the Sac à dépêches bag was huge deeming the bag ‘it'(Hermès renamed it the Kelly Bag in 1956). And now every fashion season a new ‘it’ bag is crowned.


fsxm apparel stories

Micheline Bernardini at the Molitor Pool in Paris, France.

The Bikini has existed for longer than we realize. Popping up through out history, the bikini depicted in 4th Century art and even further back bikini-like garments were worn by female athletes with Greek urns and paintings from as early as 1400 BC showing women in two-piece garments while engaging in sport.

However, in modern history 1946, Louis Réard created the world’s smallest bathing suit and named it after the location the US nuclear tests happened 4 days prior because he hoped his invention would be just as explosive. However, the models in Paris would not dare wear his design. So the first woman to ever model the bikini was 19-year-old showgirl Micheline Bernardini causing quite the row in Paris on the 5th of July in 1946.

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