Marc Jacobs Broke My Heart

Yes, the dreads are upsetting, but it did not end there.

When I first saw the pictures of the S/S 2017 runway show, I scoffed and was prepared to part with some respect  for the designer. In my opinion, Marc Jacobs is a great designer. Jacobs seems to always manage to be playful and startling but not at the expense of elegance so I was disappointed to see this. The use of mainly white models in dread locs to me read like a cheap grab at publicity, which happens all the time in fashion.

Marc Jacobs Dreads

*exasperated sigh*

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Queen Lupita.

Shameless stanning.

Lupita Nyong’o has been doing promotion for Queen of Katwe  (not a slave movie) and just announced her October Vogue cover!

I have a secret that I can finally share… Guess who came to see me back home in Kenya?!

A video posted by Lupita Nyong’o (@lupitanyongo) on Sep 15, 2016 at 5:00am PDT


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Picking a Stylist: Beginner’s Guide

Style should be a manifestation of self

The qualifications of a stylist go beyond picking pretty clothes. A stylist is expected to understand the fashion industry, have access to amazing clothes and the sense to mix them with their clients personality. A stylist is up to date with what is in vogue without being a slave to trends. A stylist is adaptable can dress any person for any situation while making them feel and look stunning.

Good stylist have three things in common:

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TwistdPieces's Blog

The end of the series!

A short story about love & all its different, vengeful, misunderstood, misinterpreted & selfish ways!

Chapter 6/6 🙂



Said no

(Why on earth did I say no?)

Told her to stay put

Instead I’ll go

Put my cape on


Decided to save a ho

(After all she was mine)

I felt the need to be your hero

Despite every time

You treated me like a zero

Maybe underneath all anger I still cared

Maybe this was the quickest way to get you out of my hair



Truth is

I haven’t felt like a man in a while


I wanted to set an example

For my unborn child

(I needed some way to clear my conscious)

The constant regret was making me nauseous

You gave me a hug


A kiss from Judas

That should’ve been a sign

Why I shouldn’t…

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A Broken Buying Culture.

Colonial hangover + Unethical Pricing = Mediocrity

In 1964 Kenya began to enjoy freedom. However, today we still live in a haze of mental slavery. You see it with a server at the ‘upscale’ cafe who serves the foreign looking table with a speed and enthusiasm distinctly missing from the table with faces too close to their own. Or at ‘it’ pseudo intellectual gatherings where the foreign needle eye opinion is hailed as absolute by locals who should know better.The driving force behind Kenyan culture remains largely external and rarely self-determined.

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