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The end of the series!

A short story about love & all its different, vengeful, misunderstood, misinterpreted & selfish ways!

Chapter 6/6 🙂



Said no

(Why on earth did I say no?)

Told her to stay put

Instead I’ll go

Put my cape on


Decided to save a ho

(After all she was mine)

I felt the need to be your hero

Despite every time

You treated me like a zero

Maybe underneath all anger I still cared

Maybe this was the quickest way to get you out of my hair



Truth is

I haven’t felt like a man in a while


I wanted to set an example

For my unborn child

(I needed some way to clear my conscious)

The constant regret was making me nauseous

You gave me a hug


A kiss from Judas

That should’ve been a sign

Why I shouldn’t…

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