Picking a Stylist: Beginner’s Guide

Style should be a manifestation of self

The qualifications of a stylist go beyond picking pretty clothes. A stylist is expected to understand the fashion industry, have access to amazing clothes and the sense to mix them with their clients personality. A stylist is up to date with what is in vogue without being a slave to trends. A stylist is adaptable can dress any person for any situation while making them feel and look stunning.

Good stylist have three things in common:


Picking out clothes sounds like a simple affair, but the styling of clothes needs talent to execute it like an art-form. Imagining new ways to pair clothes together, and accent them with the correct accessorizes, hair and make up for the look to fit the person and situation is a talent.

style quotes FSxM


To have style and be a stylist are things that are not synonymous to each other. To develop your own style is a unique and wonderful journey (and often no one is rushing you to do so). To be a stylist is to navigate different styles for different situations. When working one-on-one a stylist is expected to understand their client’s personality. On the other hand, when working on large scale commercial projects (editorials, videos, movies and so on) the stylist job is to interpret the message or story they’re given through clothes and do so in a way that translates to the audience and satisfies the person  signing the checks. (see: Ty Hunter and Marni Senofonte)



Growth in your craft is evidence of working hard and smart. Fashion waits for no man, and a good stylist can both keep up and advance their own taste level.

Thanks for reading.

Stay fashionable xoxo.

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