Meet Awol Erizku The Artist Behind Beyonce’s ‘I Have Three Hearts’ High Art Pregnancy Photos

King Bey strikes again. 

Source: Beyonce Official Site

Beyonce told us that she is having twins because whatever the project even if it’s creating life, she must top herself with every new attempt. After she posted a series of images on her site, where Blue Ivy blesses her mummy’s belly, Beyoncé hangs out in water and surrounds herself with a bunch of lucky flowers. While the aesthetic is wonderful it is far from random, the shoot is titled ‘I Have Three Hearts’ after a Warsan Shire poem.

I Have Three Hearts by Warsan Shire

The poem precedes the ethereal photos currently uploaded to the Queens official website. But the conceptual art pictures are the brainchild of Awol Erizku. (You can look at all the pictures on the Beyonce website)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Awol Erizku has done work before with different shows, exploring different themes like black female bodies and urban culture with the aid of his love for music. Erizku has done unique installations while partnering with different DJs such as DJ Sossuperman. His work is a direct reflection of his environment and cultural influences; both Ethiopian and American.


Photograph by Awol Erizku from his New Flower | Images of the Reclining Venus exhibition


New Flower | Images of the Reclining Venus


Bad II To The Bone installation

See more of his work on his personal website, kudos to him on a career that is clearly on a wonderful trajectory.

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