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Ever wonder what lead to jeans being a part of every day wear? Or why the fashion industry is obsessed with the ‘it’ bag of the season? Well today we find out. Here are some of the stories behind your favorite garments and accessories

Jeans a practical choice.

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4 Women in Fashion You Should Look Up.

Their careers shaped the fashion landscape we see today.

  1. Coco Chanel

Today the fashion house is under the care of Karl Lagerfeld, and is considered a marker of wealth and luxury. But it began in 1913 when Coco Chanel had the fabulous idea to create women’s clothing from jersey fabrics (at the time used for men’s underwear). Coco Chanel made women’s clothes that were more sporty and casual (yet chic) and as a result spearheaded the shift from the corseted silhouette.


  1. Diana Vreeland

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Kenyan Culture in Non-Kenyan Fashion Shows: IPs and Cultural Appropriation.

Note: IP refers to intellectual property.

In 2008 Kikoy UK Ltd attempts to trademark the Kikoi (which would give the company sole commercial rights to the Kikoi in Europe). They fail, thanks to efforts of Kenya Industrial Property Institute. Articles are run on the IP drama, Kikoy UK Ltd continues to profit from the Kikoi. No preventive measures are made to make sure Kenyan culture is no longer at risk.

The S/S2012 Louis Vuitton runway show debuts a ‘hot new trend’, a checked textile pattern featuring red, blue, black and purple hues known as the Maasai Shuka. Louis Vuitton takes ‘homage’ to a new colonial-esque level and patents the Maasai Shuka.

S/S2012 Louis Vuitton

S/S2012 Louis Vuitton

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